Against oppression on the press 'Critical Media Group'


ESKİŞEHİR- Students of Faculty of Communication, Eskişehir Anadolu University, founded “Critical Media Group” against the recent oppression on the press. With this group, the students are planning to be the voice of every community and give the right to speak to the universities.

Students of Faculty of Communication, Eskişehir Anadolu University, have founded “Critical Media Group” in order to say; “we are here” against the recent oppression on the press. Neslihan Solmaz, a student of the Communication and Media Department of Anadolu University, said the purpose of the foundation of the group is to gain the freedom of information at the most basic level and to express their thoughts as they want.

Neslihan underlined that this group has been founded to remind everyone what is journalism against the monotype journalism to being created in recent times. “The most important factor in founding this group is that every activity which is our right, in particular as a student of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, has become a chain of rules gathered under the word 'forbidden' in the last period, such as reading newspapers, reading any distributed reports, or being informed about the event. When we look at this situation as a profession, the sense of being a monotype journalist is imposed so we want to remind the way in which this profession is practiced. The last straw was the attack of the Special Security Units on the students who just wanted to read Cumhuriyet Daily at campus in order to be in solidarity with staff members of the daily due to the arrest and detention imposed on them.”

Neslihan said they founded the group in order to say “we are here” and the group would be right to speak in their university and added; “First of all, we will talk about the problem of every segment, and the meaning of this journalism is to reveal what is going on. Of course we want to share our goal of a free and autonomous university to all universities, exchange information with them and collaborate with them."