Women: Self-defense is a right against violence



WAN – While women are preparing to cry male violence on November 25, women in Van argued that self-defense is a right against violence.

Women are getting ready for taking the streets on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25 in order to say “stop” against the state and male violence. For women who paint areas with purple every year, this November 25 has a particular meaning. The women, who have faced violence of masculine state mindset, have been subjected to more violence, abuse and discrimination than ever this year. The women in Van expressed their reactions to the male violence and said that the violence that the man imposed on the woman was carried out by the state.

‘Oppression on women rise this year’

Safure Güneş, co-mayor of Van’s Muradiye district, said they have been working against violence against women for years and overstressing on combat violence. Safure underlined that the most women and children have been subjected to violence and told some of this year’s violent events as follows: “This year, the current government’s violence and orientation against women became more visible. The most concrete example of this is the fact that our elected women are being held hostage in prisons. Whatever represented the women was attacked. JINHA Women’s News carried out work in the media in order to be the voice of women. It was shut down while trying to report what the society didn’t see. We conclude from these practices that whenever women learn their rights more and demand their freedom more that time the oppression on women rises. For this reason, this November 25 is different for us.”

Safure, who reminded that she attended a press statement last year and she had been subjected to violence by police, emphasized that they, as women, were subjected to more attacks whenever they represented the people’s will. Safure said, “The law they issued under the name of an internal security law was completely violence law. We resisted against this law; however, the internal security law emerged as a result of the current government’s show of strength. This law was a violent and against women law. Unfortunately, it has been put into effect and we have suffered the consequences of this law.”

Safure called upon women to stand against the state and male violence on November 25 and said all groups in society should say “stop” for having a conscious society.

Devlethan, another woman in Van, said women should develop self-defense against violence and self-defense is a right against enslaving. Devlethan also said that women should raise their voice against the state violence on November 25. Nehari akbulut, who said, “enough is enough” against violence, called upon women to stop the life on November 25 against violence.